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We Can Change the World

T4G’s Big Data Congress is back and we’re, once again, bringing together leading thinkers with local innovators to talk about big data and its growing impact on the way we work and the way we live. Visit the T4G Big Data Congress II website for all the speaker and registration details.  Don’t forget to follow @BigDataCongress on Twitter for news and additional news and speaker announcements!   

What kind of change? We envision revitalized communities, clearer communication channels, great strides forward in business practices that focus on sustainability, technological innovation that serves the greater good and helping children who might need support in getting an education

Leading Thinker events range from lunch meetings to two-day brainstorms. They’re held across the country wherever smart people gather.

   We do think, naively or not, that we can change the world.
geoff flood to the Globe and Mail